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U.S. light vehicle sales hit the highest single month since 2007
In March 2013, the U.S. light-vehicle sales of 1.45 million, an increase of about 3% compared to the...
[ 2018/11/27 ]More>>
Emerging Asian countries, demand for photovoltaic average annual growth rate of 28%
NPD Solarbuzz's latest report noted that emerging solar market in the Asia-Pacific region and Centra...
[ 2018/11/27 ]More>>
South Korea's shipbuilding industry is set to "Wang furnace" bake "tidal"
As high Jae-ho after the New Year gathering at the meeting of the Korea Shipbuilders' Association sa...
[ 2018/11/27 ]More>>
Manufacturing upgrade driven robot needs to build base
The shipbuilding industry is one of Korea's most important manufacturing industries and pillar indus...
[ 2018/11/27 ]More>>
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